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Sarah Holliman
Founder and Chief Decision Maker

Cantaré Creative was founded by Sarah Holliman, who is a natural problem solver. Some of her work colleagues might say it is a by-product of using her red pen. And in some ways they wouldn’t be wrong—when she sees something that needs to be fixed (or edited), she fixes it. Her friends would see it as trying to overcome obstacles. Sarah’s career has somehow been wrapped around that concept since the get-go and although her path doesn’t seem obvious—from banker…to consultant to banks…to marketing for a consulting company…to marketing for a company with multiple lines of business...with a grad degree thrown in there somewhere—it has all been rooted in problem solving. Sarah founded Cantaré because several companies approached her with a marketing problem they needed to solve.


Meaning “to sing” in Italian, the word “cantare” resonated with Sarah not only because she accidentally became part of a classic rock cover band four years ago (there is a back story there), but also because of the symbolism it represents. For marketing to truly be effective, it must be in harmony with the work a company is doing. (Oh, and the accent in Cantaré is really just for fun…and to make sure you pronounce the name correctly.)

So why work with Cantaré Creative? Because we can provide you with soup to nuts marketing from strategy to execution, print to digital, live events to social and everything in between. Bringing together a team of graphic designers, web architects, digital marketers and more, Cantaré can get your marketing engine humming...(pun intended).

P.S. If you want to read more about how Sarah got her marketing chops, check out her bio on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.

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